Baseball Stadium

Here at Bet Star Wager, we want to bring you the best sporting events and betting guides on the net. We offer guides for a whole host of sports, and here we will be delving into the world of Baseball. Whether you’re an avid Baseball viewer or you’ve never seen a Baseball bat in your life, this introductory beginners guide to the sport will give you a smooth entry, so read on! 

The History of Baseball 

Baseball has been in the public eye and sportsman heart for a long time, although its genuine origins are unconfirmed. Dating all the way back to ancient Egyptian times, there was games involving hitting a ball with a bat, although the traditional game of Baseball is more realistically believed to be derived from rounders, a popular bat-and-ball game in England. Records from the 1800s show reference to ‘Baseball’ but the sport mentioned does not seem to match with how we know the game today.  

The 1900s held the breaking point for Baseball in America, solidifying the sport as the national pastime when the New York Knickerbockers (the first ‘official’ team to play with todays rules) came to light. The first competitive game – played in 1846 in New Jersey – using this new set of rules established the gateway for the sport to take the stage. 

Modern Baseball 

It is under dispute in the 21st century whether or not Baseball still holds its original title as the nation’s pastime of America. This dispute comes from the fact that so many other sports have now taken the mainstream media by storm and managed to create some of the biggest events and celebrities around the world. Sports like Basketball and American Football could potentially be seen as bigger, and baseball is even battling the likes of English Football (Soccer) and combat sports like the MMA and Boxing. One of the main reasons we believe Baseball has dropped off the top shelf is due to its lengthy game times, with some games taking up to 3 hours in contrast to a traditional boxing fight only last 18 minutes depending on rounds. 

What Bets Can I Place on Baseball? 

As with any sports betting, you can place your bets on a multitude of things before a baseball game. The obvious options would be to choose which teams you think will succeed or fail in their matchups, or even who will win an entire tournament. With Baseball, you place bets on which team will get Money Line (win the game) and/or which team will get Run Line (win but by a specific amount of runs advantage on their opponent). Money Line bets are a lot easier to understand as you are essentially just betting on who will win.  

Where Can I Place Bets? 

There are many places available directly from this site where you can use our baseball betting tips to your advantage and try and cash in on some winning bets. Some of our favourite options include:  


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We have a whole page containing Sportsbook Reviews from which you can find our personal but professional opinions about many different betting options. Make sure you read the terms and conditions for any individual sites and don’t miss out on any bonuses and promotions that companies may be offering to new sign ups or to continuous bettors. Always gamble responsibly.