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Everything You Need to Know About Baseball Betting 

Ever wanted to bet on baseball but didn’t know where to start? This handy guide will give you all the tools you will need to place your first bet.  

Some of the more common bets you will see being offered on baseball: 

Money Line Bets 

One of the most popular types of bets in baseball, moneyline bets entail the punter choosing a team to win. Odds are adjusted on the quality of the team, form and overall league position. Betting on underdogs can be great for returns but are harder wagers to land.  

Runline Bets 

Another popular bet with punters is the runline bet. This bet consists of the punter wagering on how many runs are scored in nine innings. The bookmaker will choose a set number of runs and the player will simply bet on if there will be more or less runs in the game.  

First 5 Innings Bets 

With this type of bet you are basically betting on the outcome of the first 5 innings, sort of like a halftime bet in soccer. This can be a good bet to place if you have followed a team and discover they play well in the first part of the game.  

Parlay Bets 

A parlay bet, also known as an accumulator, is a wager in which the punter chooses two or more teams to win/draw on the same ticket. Returns on parlays can be high the more team you choose, although the more teams you pick the harder it will be for the bet to land. 

Prop Bets 

Prop bets, or proposition bets, are wagers in which the punter bets on events that do not influence the outcome of the game. Prop bets in baseball could include first hit, number of runs in any given inning or highest scoring player of the match. So, with proposition bets you can basically bet on most things in the game.  

Totals Bets 

Totals betting is when a punter wagers on what the final total of runs will be for each team combined. With around a quarter of games finishing with a total score of 7, 9 and 11, this can be a good bet to put on, although they can be harder to land. 

Future Bets 

Future bets (or outright bets) are bets placed prior to the event taking place. For example, a future bet could be the Boston Red Sox to win the World Series. Odds are usually good if you place a wager before a tournament, but odds will shorten as the tournament goes on.  

We hope these baseball betting tips have helped steer you in the right direction to place your first wager. Betting on baseball can be great fun and sign up with our partners on Bet Star Wager to get bonuses when placing your first baseball bet.