Sports betting has been a popular addition to professional leagues and competitions for as long as they have existed. There is no better way to add excitement to a game of Soccer or Hockey than staking money on the winner, in recent years sports gambling has evolved to online sites. This allows users to place stakes and keep up with their running bets any time and place with an internet connection, it has also introduced more betting options than ever before. If you are looking to find a new sports betting site then the offering at Bet365 Canada is definitely worth a mention. If you want to place bets with bet365, check out our bet365 review.

Bet365’s Sports Betting Background

It is believed the first record of betting on sporting events dates back to the Greek olympus, the first known sporting competition. Evidence of betting has been found from Roman Times where sporting events and fights were held in coliseums throughout the empire, from here sports gambling spread. Modern, legitimate gambling increased in popularity with horse racing in England which spread across the world and was adopted by many different sports. Today, bets are available on a great list of sports from across the world at the click of a button. 

Bet365 Sport Offering

If you are wanting to look through popular sportsbook offerings like Bet365 Soccer, Hockey, UFC, Tennis, Formula 1 the site is easily navigated with all games at your fingertips. From the huge selection of games down the left-hand side of the screen players can go on to see multiple leagues involved such as Bet365 NBA. The selection includes sports for any user with popular Bet365 Soccer, Baseball, E-Sports etc to the top and niche pages like Bet365 UFC, TRotting, Pool and Politics. 

Offers are available on various sports at Bet365 for example a Bet365 NBA payout offer or a Bet365 Soccer accumulator bonus. These can be used to provide better winning potential on sports bets and are a great feature for both new and experienced sport gamblers. Along with the huge list of sports users at Bet365 Canada can bet on Politics, that is the winner of elections or on occasions winners of awards.

Popular Sports to Bet on With Bet365

Along with the Frequently Visited sports page at Bet365 Canada players can find other popular sports using the search bar option. This could be to find Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Rugby League or any other sport you are hoping to place a bet on. Similarly popular sports or sports that players return to a number of times might include bonus offers occasionally when big games are being played.

Take a look for yourself at what’s available and place your sports bets today at Bet365.


A short time spent on the Bet365 Canada sportsbook and it is clear to see why this site is so popular. With a great selection of sports as well as competitive offers and customer service features we cannot find a dingle fault here. Whether you regularly place sports bets or are new to this concept Bet365 guarantees a pleasant experience.