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Everything You Need to Know About Cricket Betting 

Thinking of having a bet on the cricket? It can be quite intimidating at first, but this guide will hopefully give you a better idea of the bets that you can place and just an overall better understanding of betting on cricket in general. 

It is important to understand the different types of cricket matches and how exactly they differ. This will influence what bets are offered by bookmakers.  

Here are some of the most popular types of bets typically offered by bookmakers: 

Match Bets  

Match betting is by far the most popular form of betting on cricket. This type of bet consists of three selections; home team to win, match to end in draw or away team to win. One of the simplest bets to place, great for beginners and loved by seasoned punters. 

Completed Match Bets 

This bet is only offered in one-day matches, the punter can place a wager on if they think the match will conclude within the day or not. It is really that simple, you bet on if the match will finish that day. 

Tied Match Bets 

This is another simple bet you can place on cricket. For this selection you simply wager on if the match will end in a tie. Odds for this type of bet can offer good value but are usually harder to land.  

Over/Under Bets 

With over/under bets, the bookmaker will generate an overall score for each team to hit by the end of the match or series. The punters job is to predict if the team will score more (or less) points than the bookie has stated.  

Individual Player Bets 

Bets can be placed on individual players, if you do not like betting on the outcomes of matches individual players bets could be the selection for you. The two most popular type of these bets are Top Batsman and Top Bowler. When betting on either of these selections you choose who will be the higher scoring batsman or the highest wicket taking bowler. Odds on these selections are usually good, offering a decent pay out if you can get it to land. 

Outright Bets 

Outright bets are wagers in which the punter will try and predict the outcome of a tournament or series by staking on a team to win. The odds for outright bets are best before the start of the tournament, with odds shrinking the further the tournament goes on.  

Here are just a few cricket betting tips to get you started ready to place your first bet on the great game. If you would like to utilise free bets and bonuses, check out our list of partners on Bet Star Wager