Curling Match

Curling is a hugely popular sport in Canada, although not all of the rules may be known about how to play the game.

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Rules of Curling

Curling is a game that looks rather simple to play and follow, although it must be said that there is a variety of different curling regulations and rules that need to be taken into account; just as there is in any other competitive sport.

In order to play the sport, teams of four are typically competing against each other with a total of eight granite stones that they must throw down the “pitch” (the ice) and get them as close as possible to the “house” (the circular target zone) as possible. Those who manage to get one of their stones within the centre of the circle will pick up the most points.

One person will be required to throw the stone, whilst two sweepers can be used to try and help guide it to the “house”, although only one of them will be able to continue that process after it reaches the tee line. However, they will then be up against an opponent who will be looking to try and take it off its course.

In order to obtain points, stones will need to be as close to the middle ring as possible. As mentioned, those that do land a stone in the middle will score the most points, although additional points will be awarded for the number of stones closer to the middle than the best one of the oppositions. For example, if a team were to have two stones closer to the “house” before the next best one of their opponents, an additional two points would be scored.

Here are just some other rules that should be known:

  • International matches have a time limit of 73 minutes per team with two timeouts available.
  • The stone must be released from behind the playing line, with foul throws removed immediately as to not disturb any of the allowed stones.
  • Stones may be removed or replaced if touched or moved when in play by a player or their broom.
  • A huge part of curling is down to fair play as there is an element of self-refereeing in regards to fouls.


Although curling rules would typically state that teams must consist of four players, there are various formats that can be found within the sport that has made it diversify a little more.

For instance, there are curling events that can be computed in doubles, whilst not each event is required to be competed in as mixed-gender teams. Depending on competition rules, same-sex teams are possible.

Biggest Curling Events

A variety of different curling competitions take place all over the world, with a number of the tournaments being incredibly big.

These include:

  • Winter Olympics 
  • World Curling Championships
  • World Junior Curling Championships
  • World Senior Curling Championships
  • World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship
  • European Curling Championships
  • Continental Cup of Curling
  • Tim Hortons Brier
  • Scotties Tournament of Hearts
  • United States Men’s Curling Championship
  • United States Women’s Curling Championship
  • Canada Cup of Curling
  • European Mixed Curling Championship.


It is evident that there is a number of curling rules and regulations in which the sport has to follow in order to be played effectively, which is why it is important for those who are keen to improve their sports betting experiences by wagering on the activity to know all of them.