The last few years have seen the number of slot games and online betting websites get increased by a big number.The field has just garnered more attention than ever. As a result, players have a lot of great slot games available.

Big Win 777 slot game review

Big Win 777 is one example of these slot games. Pretty popular among many who are interested in casinos and betting, Big Win 777 is provided by famous slot game company Play’n Go and like many other games of the same creator, it is also accessible on many platforms. This includes PC, Android and even IOS.

This game has a very impressive Las Vegas theme and in that sense, is very typical for a casino game yet pretty unique. Us at BetStarWager have many such great slot game reviews and betting website reviews as well. We also have great promotional offers for players to enjoy.

How to play

Big Win 777 is a slot game which is known to help players earn big, since it carries the Las Vegas theme. It has a total of five reels and that is pretty usual for Play’n Go games. And like many other Play’n Go games, this too has an RTP of 96.50 and can be very lucrative for players who believe in high-gambling in the industry.

The game has a dark background but it is still pretty good to watch and it allows the focus of the players to remain on the reels throughout.

The idea of this game is simple- get the symbols arranged to form a combination. The minimum combination is three. The symbols are different to one another- like many other slot games. All these symbols also have different values and it is important for players to know all these values as they are key to helping them win big.

The Big Win 777 slot has a total of six symbols and this can be divided into two types. The first category is the bar symbols and second is the 7s symbols. The first has three symbols in total and this has the one bar symbol, double bar symbol and the triple bar symbol. The multiplier rises on the basis of the number of bars in the symbol.

While these are low-paying symbols, the second category has high potential to win. It has two symbols, the red double seven symbol and the golden triple seven symbol. If players land five diamonds on the reel, they unlock the jackpot.

Bonus features

There are various Chance Scatter symbols. They carry big bonus features and don’t fufill the purpose of winning but have some extra features that are unique in nature. There are three extra bonus features, this includes a Booster Spin, Chance Wheel and Free Spins. Al of these options help players in earning big and are very important to the functioning of the game.

Us at BetStarWager would really want players to try out this game, please take advantage of the Big Win 777 free play if they want to try their hands out at winning big. Players can also read many our reliable slot game reviews and betting website reviews.