Over the last few years, the number of slot games and online betting websites has only increased. The field has just garnered more attention than ever and a lot of it is down to the internet and its permeation into our lives. As a result, players have a lot of great slot games available.

Black Mamba Slot Game

One of these games in the Black Mamba slot. Provided by Play’n Go, the Black Mamba slot game carries the theme of a rock band, even though the name might not suggest that. Like the Demon slot game, Black Mamba is also a pretty niched slot game that has many things associated with a rock band in it.

Black Mamba is actually an Italian rock band. The band isn’t well-known and that is why the choice does come across as strange. The game might not be overly visually appealing, but it has many attractive elements in it.

How to play

The game has a bit of a dark background and some animations of the singers or members of the brand surrounding the reel. The other things catch the attention of the players at the first look as well.

But Black Mamba slot game has an RTP of 96.50, which is pretty good. But the game has high volatility meaning that there is certainly potential to earn high in this game. The game has five reels in total and a cluster payline system. This shows that players can really earn big on this slot game.

This slot game has multiple symbols. The basic aim of the game is arrange these symbols into a combination, with the minimum requirement at three. The higher the combination, the higher is the payout. But different symbols have different multipliers. Free play – on the links provided – give it go!

Some symbols are pretty basic for a rock-band. This includes the sticks, headphones, microphone and guitar picks. These are low-paying symbols that don’t have high multipliers.

But the symbols that have the faces of the Black Mamba rock band are high-paying ones. Not just that, they fall under the bracket of being symbols that are special.

Bonus features

The Alexandra symbol demolishes two symbol sets from the reels. The Cecilia symbol just adds two wild symbols to the grid and helps in earning more. The Fred symbol is also important as combining it transforms one set of symbols into another symbol. The Martina symbol is also key. It removes all the symbols on the bottom reel apart from the wild symbol or the Martina symbol.

There is a Charge Meter feature on this game. Combining the symbols of the band members fills up a metre at the top. Once this metre gets filled up, the performers perform their acts one by and one and at the end, a big bonus is paid out.

All in all, Black Mamba slot game has some exciting bonus features loaded in it. Us at BetStarWager would really recommend players into trying out this great slot game. review here