The Demon Slot game is an very intriguing and attractive slot game. The game has been created by the famous company Play’n Go and like many other Play’n Go games, it is accessible on many other platforms. This includes PC, Android and even IOS.

The game is based on the theme of an English rock band, which is actually called ‘Demon’ itself. Everything on this slot game tracks back to the Demon rock band and is more like an effective marketing tool for them and a chance to win money for players. This Demon Game Review will help players understand how the game works. And this Demon slot Review will also look at the game’s RTP and how it helps players win big.

How to play

As mentioned before, Demon slot game has many things that relate to the Demon rock band. The symbols, the background and the music- all of them sound and look exactly like the band and the game gives the vibe of really being a typical rock band slot game as well.

Like many other Play’n Go slot games and other general slot games, this slot also has a regular five reel system. The fact that it has as many as 30 paylines should be something that should interest players as that is what really matters in the end. The game boasts an RTP of 96.5, which is pretty good and shows that players can certainly win big on this.

The basic idea of the game is simple. The players have to line up symbols on the game into a combination. This leads to players winning rewards and the amount of winnings depends on the value of the symbols and the number of symbols that form the combination.

This is what players should really focus on. The game actually has seven great tunes from the Demon band themselves and this keeps players gripped.

Bonus features

The game has a total of two wild symbols in it. One of those symbols turns out on reels one to five. But one turns up only on reel three. These wild symbols help in racking up free spins on the game.

Three wilds lead to as many as 6 to 11 free spins. And these number of free spins will have multipliers on them, meaning that the game has a big feature for having many free spins in one. The maximum players can get is 18x.

Demon Slot Game Review

The max payout on the game, so far, has been observed to be as much as 2500x. The 96.5 RTP is a fair reflection of that. So clearly, the game has big potential to pay big and we recommend them to check out this unique and brilliant game. 

But we would also recommend players to initially try out the Demon Free Play mode. This will initially allow them to learn about this game and its various factors. Once they completely understand this slot game, they can then move onto the paid version and earn money from it.