Over the last few years, the number of slot games and online betting websites has only increased. The field has just garnered more attention than ever and a lot of it is down to the internet and its permeation into our lives. As a result, players have a lot of great slot games available.

Honey Rush slot game review

The Honey Rush slot game is one such game that is great for players to earn from. Some players do seem to think that this is a complicated slot game, but it isn’t true. Provided by Play’n Go, this slot game has the theme of honey bees, their honey and the honeycombs. This makes it for a very visually pleasing slot game.

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How to play

As unique as it might sound, this slot game has reels shaped like hexagon. This goes hand in hand with the theme as the bees also have their honeycombs shaped in a hexagon. That is a reflection of the attention to detail that the providers put in.

Honey Rush has a unique reel combination too. It carries a 4-5-6-7-6-5-4 formation which is pretty peculiar and interesting. Perhaps, this strange formation is one reason players find this slot game complicated.

This game has an RTP of 96.50, which is pretty good for slot games and very usual for many Play’n Go games too. It has cluster paylines, but there is certainly a chance of winning big on this slot game too.

This game utilises cascading symbols. A combination of five or more is to be landed on these clusters to earn rewards. But whichever symbols formed the combination get removed from the reel once the reward has been paid. This is another unique feature on this game.

These symbols get replaced by newer ones, meaning that there is a chance of getting many combinations done in just a single spin.  Not sure whether to play? Why not just have a go on a free play game.

Bonus features

The Honey Rush game has a feature called the Rush Metre. It has a total of four levels and all the wins through the combinations charge the metre and fill it up on a regular basis. When one level is complete. Each level has a respective feature that helps players earn more.

To reach Level one, two and three, players need to get 20, 40 and 80 combinations done respectively. The fourth level requires 160 symbols to be combined. The game has a Wild symbol and this is a honey pot and appears because of the Rush Metre only. These symbols come with a 3x multiplier.

On paper, the game might sound a bit different and complex. But that is the beauty of the Honey Rush slot game. It thrives on uniqueness. And us at BetStarWager would really recommend players to try this game out and see for themselves as to how innovative this slot game is.

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