Mahjong is a game that first emerged in China, and is a tile based table game. It is incredibly popular in the Far East, so it is unsurprising that Play ‘N Go have decided to turn it into an online slot game. As with the previous slots that Play ‘N Go have given us, the Mahjong 88 casino game, the design is absolutely impeccable. The tiles look exactly like the real thing, and there is an attractive lime green background.

In this review, we will discuss many aspects of the game, such as how to play, the return to player rate, and if Play ‘N Go have given us any extra feature bonuses of note. We will also discuss the Mahjong 88 free play version of the game.


As we previously stated, it is based on the board game of the same name. That means it is quite different to the standard slot games we are used to seeing from Play ‘N Go. The board is an 8×8 grid, instead of the usual 3×5 grid. The idea of the game is to match the tiles in a cluster, so that means you can make winning combinations both horizontally and vertically.

The symbol that has the highest value is the Lotus flower. If you are fortunate enough to land 12 of these at the same time, it is worth a payout of X500 of your initial bet.

Free Mahjong 88 Game

It is never wise to go head first into these games, and deposit a lot of money if you aren’t fully used to how the game works. This is especially true with this game, as it works so differently to your standard slot game. Therefore, we suggest giving the Mahjong 88 free play version of the game a try to begin with, to get some vital practice in before trying the real thing.

Feature Bonuses

We will now look to cover the bonus features of the Mahjong 88 casino game. The game works on four different seasons, and each season has some unique Wild symbols that will land on the grid. There are twelve symbols for Spring, Summer has five, Autumn with eleven, while Winter has just four. By making winning combinations with these Wilds, it will help increase the Season bonus. This is given as a payout when the season changes

There is also the Fortune Frog feature. This is triggered when 88 or more symbols have been collected, with a X5 multiplier being applied.

Return To Player Rate

The RTP rate for the Mahjong 88 casino game is 96.62%, meaning players who deposit $1000, and play for a long enough period, should expect to see returns of $966.20. This rate is more rewarding than a lot of standard slot games.

So whether you are just playing the Free Mahjong 88 game, or the version that requires money being deposited, we are certain you’ll enjoy playing this casino game from Play ‘N Go.