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Everything You Need to Know About Golf Betting 

Are you looking for a new sport to get involved in? Golf betting could be your new go to. There are golf tournaments teeing off all the time and betting on golf is an enjoyable experience. There has never been a better time to get into the sport.  

First things first, you need to find the right bookmaker for you and by registering with Bet Star Wager you can claim generous welcome bonuses.  

Here is a golf betting guide to get you started betting on golf: 

To Win Bets 

By far the most common type of bet in golf. A punter simply backs a player to win the tournament. ‘To win’ bets usually offer great value and in turn greater pay outs. These types of bets are the perfect entry point for golf betting beginners and favoured among seasoned punters of the sport. 

Versus the Field Bets 

In this bet the punter backs either the ‘player’ or the ‘field’. Not usually offered until later in a tournament if a player is standing out, versus the field bets can be placed on if a player wins a tournament or if any other player on the field wins. If you back the individual player’s side you need that player to win the tournament if you back the field, you need anyone else on the field to win the tournament.  

Head-to-Head Bets 

In head-to-head bets two golfers are singled out and a line is set between them. These bets are completely independent of the overall tournament results. Punters can bet on either player to beat the other. These types of bets can be exciting to place when watching a pairing. 

Head-to-head betting is a great way to personalise your wager with golf. Let us say there is a player you follow and are a fan of. You can bet on your favoured players pairs and follow that section of the draw more closely.  

Prop Bets 

Prop bets, more formally known as proposition bets, are bets that do not influence the outcome of the tournament. Examples would be what nation the winner will be from or if there will be a hole in one in the tournament etc. These bets usually offer good value. 

Future Bets 

Future bets are just that bets placed on future tournaments and seasons. Also called outright bets, a punter can place a bet on players to win tournaments, number of holes in one in a season and other bets of the like. You can also bet on the season, back players to win the tour championships and so on. Odds and pay outs are usually larger on future/outright betting, depending on the player you back of course. 

Looking for a new bookmaker? For some of the best golf bets visit Bet Star Wager and claim welcome bonuses and much more. Hopefully these golf betting tips will have sharpened your knowledge of the sport, ready to start betting on golf.