Golf Ball Near Cup

Every 2 years the best golfers from the United States of American and Europe go face to face, the venue changes each competition between sides. The PGA of America and the Ryder Cup Europe joint administer the event of which the players receive no money directly from playing in despite the coverage and value of it. Although generous donations are made to youth golfing organisation and charities after each event.  

History of the Ryder Cup

To begin with in 1927 the official Ryder Cup took place between the teams of America and Great Britain in Worcester, Massachusetts. Following the second World War the representation of Great Britain and Ireland now contained all of continental Europe. Since 1927 America have won the Ryder Cup 26 times, Great Britain, Great Britain and Ireland and Europe have won 14 times and both teams have draw twice.  

Ryder Cup Format

The format of this competition includes 28 games played over 3 days with points from these matches used to decide the winner, each win rewards 1 point, a draw rewards half a point and a loss 0.  The first 2 days of the event involve alternating 4 fourballs and 4 foursomes in the morning or afternoon and 12 singles on the 3rd and final day. A foursome consists of 2 teams of 2 taking it in turn to hit a single ball per team, a fourball however gives each of the 4 players a ball of their own with points added for each player at the end.  

What types of bets can I place on the Ryder Cup?

Tournament betting on golf is very similar to how it is in any other sports, bettors can place stakes on individual players or games, they can bet on the tournament as a whole or place an accumulator. The most popular type of betting in the Ryder Cup is on the outright winner, this is which team will win or if America and Europe will draw. Outright bets however do not offer very good odds, more lucrative bets include round leaders and prop bets, that is the number of round holes, birdies etc. 

Ryder Cup Team Odds

Looking at the odds our sites are offering America are looking favourite to win for the 27th time, bets however on Europe will return greater payouts if they win. Betting on Europe to secure their 5th win since 2010 could be quite a lucrative move here, although the sportsbooks take into account who is playing so it would be worth keeping up with Ryder cup news if you bet. 

When does the Ryder Cup tee off? 

This years Ryder Cup tournament is planned for begin on the morning of Friday, September 24th and finish the following Sunday. This gives you enough time check out our sports betting page and the sites we work with offering great bonuses to new members. Watch some news on golfers from each side, perhaps some previous competitions and decide for yourself who will win the cup this year. 

The golf betting page is also full of information on general gold betting that might help you to decide which bets to place.