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The tour Championships are the final event of the PGA tour season, players eligibility for the cup is determined by FedEx Cup points that are awarded throughout the season.  The event takes place over 5 days at the East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, Georgia.  

History of the Tour Championships

The tour Championships were debuted in 1987 sponsored by Nabisco with a top prize of US$360,000 to play for after the 46 official money events that made up the PGA tour at that time. The top 30 golf players qualified for the tour Championships and that was the format used until 2007. At this point they introduced the points system to the FedEx Cup during the PGA tour with preceding playoffs determining who will play. From 2019 onwards a different system was introduced offering different starting under pars determined by the FedEx points. 

Event Format

The tour Championships format from 2019 to today is that the player with the highest amount of FedEx Cup points begins the tournament at 10 under par. The player with the second-most points competes at -8, third and fourth most at -7, fifth most at -5, this continues down to the 26th to 30th most points that start with even par. 

Tour Championship Betting

Popular bets you can place on the Tour Championships this year include the outright winner, that is probably the simplest form of betting picking the player you think will win the competition. Other bets include each way, top 5, round leader, match betting and players that make the cut, a system that splits players into a top and bottom half. 

Tour Championship Betting Tips

Looking at the FedEx Cup standings prior to the Tour Championship Tony Finau Is looking on good form holding the top of the leader board with a 585 point lead. Two golfers able to knock him off this spot are Jon Rahm and Cameron Smith, below these the standings are pretty tight for the next 5 players. The winner of the 2019 tournament, Rory McIlroy would be another potential safe bet here however the competition is tight. 

Where can I bet? 

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When does it tee off?

The Tour Championships charity challenge is taking place on the 1st of September with the 1st round of the competition the following day. Each day after that another round will take place until the final round on September 5th, there are lots of opportunities to place winning bets during this competition that should not go to waste. 

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