Blackjack Table

Blackjack is a card game with origins that can be traced back to France. One of the the first mentions of the game was in Don Quixote, by Cervantes and it used to go by Vingt-et-un which means 21 due to its original bet for players having either a jack or an Ace making this total. It eventually migrated from being called just Vingt-et-un over time while coming across French colonies who had brought games like this one along with them.

Blackjack Today

The game of Blackjack is a simple one that has grown in popularity to become the favorite table and casino games around the world. Coronavirus restrictions have seen physical casinos close in the past 18 months, but luckily there are online versions where you can still play! If you want to get involved with this great pastime now would be your best time as more people than ever before are signing up for these sites.

Blackjack Rules

When playing Blackjack online, the most important thing to know is how much each card in your hand is worth. For example, all cards with a number are worth their face value; 2=2 and 7=7. The Jack, Queen and King are all 10.  Ace can be either 1 or 11 depending on what you want them to be!

There are many different ways to win at Blackjack and the easiest way is by reaching 21 points. If your two cards don’t get you there, they may give you more but this can leave you over 21 which will end your game prematurely. To have fun playing online Blackjack like in a brick-and-mortar casino it’s important that players know what terms mean so they can understand how each hand works out too. Here are some of those:

  • Hit/Twist – This means you are dealt another card, this can be done multiple times.
  • Stand/Stick – This means you keep your current hand and you are not dealt any more cards.
  • Bust – You have gone over 21 and you lose that hand.
  • Double Down – This means you double your current wager and you are dealt only one extra card. This is usually done if you have a hand of 10 or 11.
  • Split – This can be done if you have a pair, the hand is split and you place another bet, especially playing two hands.

If you don’t start off with a 21 on your first two cards, then twist and get dealt another one. You can do it multiple times before the dealer goes bust or has blackjack. Online Blackjack is very similar to its original game; the only difference being buy-in price as there are so many games happening online that buy-in’s have never been cheaper!

Where can I play Blackjack online?

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