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Everything You Need to Know About Lacrosse Betting 

Want to bet on the lacrosse but never knew where to start? Well, you are in luck, this handy guide should give you all you need to place your first bet on the sport. Firstly, it is vital you understand what you are betting on and what markets bookmakers offer. 

Types of Lacrosse Games 

It is important to note that there are many different types of lacrosse played around the world all with differing rules. Here is a rundown of the slightly different versions of the sport you make come across when looking to place a bet: 

Field Lacrosse 

Field lacrosse is an outdoor sport only played by men and consists of a team of 10 players: three attackers, three midfielders, three defenders and one goalie.  

Box Lacrosse 

Box lacrosse is a version of the sport that is played indoors in a hockey rink. Each team consists of 6 players: five runners and one goalie. The game is used to promote upcoming hockey seasons as they are played at those venues. 

Women’s Lacrosse 

Women’s lacrosse, also known as lax, is a variation of the sport in which there is no contact and all players are female. Teams consist of 12 players: four attackers, three midfielders, four defenders and one goalkeeper. In women’s lacrosse the field is also slightly larger than a field lacrosse pitch. 


With interlacrosse only soft sticks are used and the head of the lacrosse stick is made from plastic instead of leather, the ball is also slightly larger. This form of lacrosse is very popular in Quebec.  

You can bet on all forms of lacrosse so make sure to check Bet Star Wager for the best welcome bonuses for when you decide to place your bet. 

How to Bet on Lacrosse 

Now we have got the different forms of lacrosse out of the way it is time to talk about what bets bookmakers offer and what you can place. One of the best places to look for selections would be the National Lacrosse League (NLL), in which games are played weekly. Here are some of the most popular bets that are placed on lacrosse: 

Moneyline Bets 

Moneyline bets are some of the most popular bets in lacrosse. You simply predict the winner of the game. Odds can be influenced by league position, recent form and player injuries. 

Spread Bets 

When placing a spread bet, the punter predicts the winner of the game and by how many points.  

Over/Under Bets 

With over/under bets the bookmaker will offer a total combined score for both teams and the punter then bets on if there will be more (or less) points scored in that game. 

We hope these lacrosse betting tips have given you more knowledge of the sport and have pointed you in the right direction to place your first bet on lacrosse. Check out Bet Star Wager and register with some of our trusted partners for great welcome bonuses and free bets!