Cricket Ball

A sport you may not have thought about placing stakes on in the past is Cricket; this English field game is quickly becoming a popular betting market among online bookmakers. The various competitions and leagues of professional cricket worldwide provide a huge variety of fixtures that bets can be placed on at any time or place.

If you’re thinking about placing bets on cricket fixtures, it may help to know a bit more about the top cricket leagues these fixtures may form part of. Here we will look at some of the most popular cricket leagues around the world, a great starting point for anybody looking to start out with cricket betting.

The Big Bash League

The T20 Big Bash League is a professional tournament in Australia between 8 teams based in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart. As a T20 league, all of the games provide the teams with a limit of 20 overs to score as many points as possible, which results in exciting, fast-paced gameplay. This competition is great for newcomers to cricket gameplay to gain experience of how batters and bowlers play to try and score points in a limited gameplay setting.

Indian Premier League (IPL)

Another T20 cricket league, the Indian Premier League, consists of 10 Indian teams and is widely considered the most popular cricket league worldwide. Every year, the IPL season begins around March time and consists of multiple fixtures providing great cricket betting opportunities. Some of the biggest names in cricket play for teams in the IPL, and this league is a great way to learn how the biggest names in the sport play!

The Hundred

The Hundred Competition is a cricket league consisting of teams from the UK and formed by the England and Wales Cricket Board. The play format is even faster than T20, with each inning consisting of only 100 balls in which each team will hope to score as many points as possible. The great betting potential in the men’s Hundred competition is added to by the Women’s matches that take place around the same time!

SA20 League

This T20 tournament is based in South Africa, one of the nations where cricket is most popular! This league consists of Durban’s Giants, Joburg Super Kings, MI Cape Town, Paarl Royals, Pretoria Capitals and Sunrisers Eastern Cape. Taking place in December each year, the SA20 tournament provides some exciting cricket betting potential during winter!

Cricket Leagues betting

All of these professional cricket leagues can provide brilliant betting odds along with some exciting gameplay to watch! There are plenty more cricket leagues that you can look into at Cricket Today; you can also find out more about the best international cricket teams worldwide! The best way to start successfully betting on cricket is to learn about the teams and competitions you will be placing stakes on.

It is important always to gamble responsibly when placing stakes on professional cricket fixtures and only bet with money you can afford to lose.