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The Premier League is one of Europe’s most prestigious and eagerly-awaited sporting competitions. This season, we’re loving the way that it’s unfolding! Unfortunately though at some point throughout any given campaign there must be an international break which will happen starting from November 8th through November 20th. This week, we’ll take a look at some Outright EPL predictions and see who has been performing well in the past weeks. We can also use this time to reflect on all of our prediction performances so far. Head over to our soccer betting section for more information on how and where you can place these outright bets.

Our Performance

Every week of the Premier League since we started uploading our predictions has been exciting. Of course, in every preview we post, we give some predictions at the bottom. These predictions have sadly not been the most accurate as we try to hit Correct Scores which are much more difficult than a lot of other options we could choose from. The payout if we did manage to land one or two of these correct scores (which we have been close to multiple times) would be worth the wait. In most of the weeks, we have been one goal away from a correct score, or we have predicted the correct outcome (home win, draw, away win) but had the amount of goals wrong. Our closest game was one featuring Crystal Palace, in which we predicted that the final score would be 2-1 to Palace but made sure to state ‘it could definitely end in a draw.’ The game went to 2-1 Palace, and saw the goal disallowed, resulting in a draw. Our predictions are accurate, just rarely correct, which is annoying overall but you can not expect much else when trying to predict correct scores on football. 

Outright Predictions: Table Positions

With the international break upon us for the next week or so, we have no Premier League fixtures this week and instead we will look at some Outright bets for the end of the season. Every Premier League season must have a Winner and a top 4 who all qualify for the Champions League group stage. The season must also have 3 teams in the Relegation zone who drop down into the Championship and are replaced by the three winners from that league. We will now give you our outright predictions for the top 4 and the bottom 3 of the EPL table.

1st Place – Chelsea

2nd Place – Manchester City

3rd Place – Liverpool

4th Place – Manchester United

The reason we believe Chelsea will win the league this year is because of the stats and their form. They score 2.45 goals per game and concede only 0.36. Even with their main man Lukaku being injured, they continue to ruin their opponents in each game and it seems apparent that this race to the top is not going to end soon. 2nd and 3rd place were a hard decision, with Manchester City and LIverpool both looking great at this point in the season. We think that because Manchester City currently hold the title, they will put in a slight bit more work to attempt to hold it, still being beaten by Chelsea, and it could come down to Goal Difference that keeps City above Liverpool overall. Manchester United in 4th is a bold one when you look at how they are performing as of right now, but we think that 1. If Ole is sacked or 2. If Ole picks up the pace, they will secure themselves another Champions League entry. 

18th Place – Leeds

19th Place – Watford

20th Place – Norwich

All three of these teams have had rocky starts to this premier league season, with Norwich only winning one game which came in a 2-1 victory over fellow promoted side Brentford. This secured them 3 out of the miniscule 5 points they have gathered this season so far. Norwich will most likely stay rock-bottom despite the fact they are signing a new manager, as we cannot see them recovering from their losses quick enough to make any advancements. Watford are another side who have just been promoted into the Premier League and, although they have had better results than Norwich, we think they will drop back down into the relegation zone as the gap in points widens towards the end of a demanding football season. Leeds United have started picking up some points and goals, now, with the return of Kalvin Phillips and Adam Forshaw to the pitch. It seems as though they could potentially survive, but just based on their starting form and the fact they have not secured as many points as they should have, we think they could drop again. If we had to pick someone to replace them in 18th place, it would be Burnley, who have also had a terrible start to the season and could see themselves back in the Championship soon enough. 

Outright Predictions: Player Awards

There are also individual player awards that come at the end of the season, which show who had the most goals, which keeper conceded the least goals and which player gets the most assists. These awards are given based on the stats, which can obviously be difficult to predict into the future as people may become injured or lose form. Here are our predictions for who will receive these three awards:

Golden Boot (most goals) – Mo Salah [Liverpool], purely based on his form and the fact he has striking ability that is unmatched in the world of football right now, especially in the Premier League. Of course, his competition includes the likes of Ronaldo, Lukaku (injured) and Jamie Vardy, but we think he will pip the competition and win this award. 

Golden Glove (most clean sheets) – Edouard Mendy [Chelsea], again based on current form but also the fact that the Chelsea back-line of defenders is so strong before the ball can even reach the keepers line. Chelsea, especially since we have predicted they will win the league, are going to try and keep as many clean sheets as possible during this season. Manchester City’s Ederson has won this award for the past 2 years, but we think Mendy will take it.

Premier League Playmaker Award (most assists) – Mo Salah [Liverpool] or Trent Alexander-Arnold [Liverpool], as the record currently stands for this season, Salah is on track to earn both Golden Boot and the PLP Award, which may seem surprising, but Harry Kane did it last year so it is definitely possible. Trent Alexander-Arnold seems to be one of the only players who can consistently deliver quality dead-ball passes and creates play on a consistent level too.


Of course, our predictions may be incorrect and we do not know what could happen in the world of football that could change the course of the season before it comes to a close. These predictions are educated and use the available statistics as well as a slight bit of personal opinion. Always gamble responsibly and do not stake more than you can afford to lose. These predictions are not set in stone.