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Everything You Need to Know About Rugby Betting 

If you have ever wanted to get into rugby betting this guide should give you all the tools you will need to get started. Bet Star Wager can help to start your betting journey with rugby. 

Rugby is one of the most popular contact sports on the planet and is a favourite sport to bet on in Canada. Visit Bet Star Wager to visit any of the sportsbooks to start betting on rugby today.  

Rugby Union Vs. Rugby League 

One of the key things you need to know when betting on rugby is the difference between Rugby Union and Rugby League. Here are a few of the small differences between the two: Rugby League involves a team of 13 with the ability to play 10 substitutions whereas Rugby Union involves a team of 15 players with the ability to play 7 subscriptions per match. 

Another key difference is tackling. In Rugby League, after a player is tackled, the player must release the ball between their legs and roll it back to a teammate and if the ball is kicked out of play the game restarts with a 6-man scrum. However, when a player is tackled in Rugby Union the player must again release the ball, but any other player can take it and if the ball is kicked out of play the game restarts with a lineout rather than a scrum.  

The way points are scored also differs from Rugby Union to Rugby League. The main methods of scoring are in practice the same but how many points each (penalty, try, drop goal) are worth changes. In Rugby Union, a try is worth 5 points and 2 extra can be tacked on with a conversion, whereas in Rugby League a try is worth just 4 points with an extra 2 for conversions.  

Out of the two versions of rugby, Rugby Union is the more favoured among fans. Both Union and League also host international tournaments alongside the domestic leagues, meaning there is plenty to bet on.  

Different Types of Rugby Bets 

Here are some of the bets you can go and place now: 

Double Result 

The double bet is made up of two selections on the same ticket. When placing this bet, the punter predicts which team will have the highest points total by halftime. For the second bet, the punter will predict which team has the most points by the end of the match. In both League and Union each half of a match lasts for 40 minutes for a total of 80 minutes per match. 

Draw No Bet 

Draw no bet is just that; if your selection ends in a draw you get your stake returned to you. Draw no bets are especially popular in accumulators. 

First Scoring Play 

In this type of bet you can bet on the how the first points are scored in the match (goal drop, try or penalty).  

Highest Scoring Half 

With this bet you can wager on which half will have the most points scored in. You can also bet on both halves having the same number of points being scored in each. 

Visit Bet Star Wager and claim welcome bonuses and much more when you place your first bet!