Curling Canada

With the sport of curling being incredibly popular within Canada, it is worth taking a look at the governing body that regulates the sport and ensures fans, competitors and sports betting enthusiasts are able to get the best experiences out of it.

Curling Canada is responsible as they are the sanctioning body for the sport and have been in existence since 1990. They are associated with more than a dozen provincial and territorial associations around the nation and organise all of the competitions played within the nation.

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What is Curling and how is curling played?

Curling is a winter sport that has been around for centuries, although it has not always been as popular as it has in Canada, as it took some time to arrive in the country following its creation.

In order to play the game, teams of four participants will typically be required to compete against each other as they aim to throw a granite stone across the ice (which is known as a pitch) and land it in the middle of the circular zone at the end (known as the house). Two teammates can help them by buffering the ice, although only one will be allowed to continue past the tee line, whilst an opponent will look to try and have an impact on it, as well.

Each player will have two throws as each team is allowed eight granite stones.

History of Curling

As mentioned, curling has not always been as popular as it is now within Canada, as it is a sport that took a couple of centuries to actually arrive in the North American country.

History suggests that the origins of the game actually came from Scotland in the 1500s as stones were found with dates on them, whilst the game is only thought to have been introduced to Canadians some 200 years later.

What tournaments are played?

There are a number of different tournaments being held by Curling Canada on a regular basis, with many of them taking place annually on the sporting schedule that has been designed.

Here are just some of the competitions that are regularly held:

  • Canadian Mixed Curling Championship
  • Canadian Mixed Doubles Curling Championship
  • Canadian Junior Curling Championships
  • Canadian Visually Impaired Curling Championship
  • Scotties Tournament of Hearts (women’s nationals)
  • Tim Hortons Brier (men’s nationals)
  • Canada Cup of Curling
  • Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championship
  • Canadian Senior Curling Championships
  • Canadian Masters Curling Championships

By taking a look at the variety of different Curling Canada competitions that take place annually, it is clear to see that there are a range of different formats that can be adopted, whilst there are a number of different types of events that can be contested, as well.


By learning about Curling Canada and how curling is played, we believe our readers will be in a better position to enjoy the sport a whole lot more.

Check out this page regularly to keep up to date with all of the latest curling news and curling events as our team of experts at BetStarWager work hard to ensure our readers can have the best betting experiences possible.

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