World Curling Federation (WCF)

Curling is one of the main sports many Canadians love to watch and participate in, with the game having gone on to become notoriously popular with the region and one that many will always look to as a nation who will do well whenever they compete competitively.

Thankfully, there are a number of different events that can be participated within, as the World Curling Federation (WCF) provides competitors with the chance to get involved in their numbers.

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What is the WCF and how does it operate?

The World Curling Federation is the world governing body for the sport of Curling and was initially formed in 1966, although has undergone a number of different changes throughout the years as a number of member associations continue to join.

Curling Canada is just one of those member associations, with a total of 67 having joined up to the WCF over the years.

The organisation has set out a number of goals in which they wish to achieve whereby they make the sport of Curling better, whilst also trying to facilitate the growth of the sport within member associations, such as Curling Canada.

Many of the aims include providing the world-standard rules that need to be followed, whilst also providing the sport with a number of world Curling tournaments in which Curling Canada can compete in on a regular basis.

What are the biggest tournaments the WCF host?

As mentioned, one of the goals and aims in which the World Curling Federation has adopted and looks to continually achieve is by setting out a number of major tournaments that member associations can all play in and compete against each other with the same rules laid out in the competitive environment that has been set.

Unsurprisingly, there are a number of different events in which the WCF oversee, including the Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Winter Games, as well as many different disciplines that all consist of World Championships.

Biggest events of the season?

Of course, many of the World Curling Federation events outlined above would have to be considered amongst the biggest events of the Curling season, with Curling Canada regularly competing in each of them when they appear on the schedule.

Naturally, the Winter Olympic Games and the Paralympic Winter Games are a little less frequent, however they are massive Curling competitions to take place as they will see some of the very best represent their nations, with Curling Canada having a very good chance of obtaining medals in the disciplines.

Once again, the multitude of different Curling events that take place over the year means there is plenty of Curling action on offer, with the World Championships across a variety of disciplines (including Singles and Mixed) being just some of the biggest highlights the sport has to offer.


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