Canadian Football League (CFL)

The Canadian Football League is one of the top sports leagues and most competitive available in Canada, with it featuring a number of professional Canadian football teams that compete in the competition each year trying to achieve glory.

Indeed, many fans will head to the CFL forums for all of their latest CFL news, although checking out our Canadian Football League pages will certainly help out with that, as well.

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What is the CFL and how does it operate?

Also known as the CFL, and perhaps more commonly, the Canadian Football League is the elite level in which professionals are able to play the sport of American Football within the nation. The game is completely separate from the world-renowned National Football League (NFL) and is only played by teams within the northern country.

The CFL schedule takes place over a 21-week period throughout June and running to the early stages of November and features each of the teams competing playing a total of 18 matches to try and determine who is the best. Due to the number of CFL fixtures played, CFL teams will also have a total of three bye weeks, thus making the competition as fair and as competitive as possible.

Once the best six teams in the league have been determined – which is done by a points system, each of them will compete in a playoff format that will last three weeks and end with the Grey Cup Championship game being played at the end of November. Many will watch this game, whilst taking to the favourite CFL forums for all of the latest CFL news and opinions from fellow fans!

CFL Teams

As mentioned, the Canadian Football League is only competed by CFL teams that are situated within Canada. There are only nine teams involved in the competition, although this helps to make it competitive as possible, therefore also making it as enjoyable as possible.

The nine CFL teams participate across two divisions – with the East and West Divisions having been created. The East Division consists of four teams, whilst the West Division will be where the remaining five CFL teams will participate for their chance to play for the Grey Cup Championship.

Are there any other events?

The CFL season does not feature any extra competitive competitions, although the race for the Grey Cup Championship is one that is always fascinating and one that can always provide viewers with the highest levels of entertainment.

The CFL schedule does also feature the CFL Draft, which is one of the highlights of the season before a ball is thrown. The CFL Draft will typically take place in May as it will allow the CFL teams to try and select the players that they want to try and improve their team ahead of the upcoming season. The CFL Draft also follows a rather traditional format in which the team that performed the worst last season will get the first pick, thus trying to help even things out and give everyone a fair chance in the next campaign.


As can be seen, the CFL is one of the top sports within Canada and one that continues to attract a number of viewers and fans to CFL forums and CFL news sites in their droves between May and November each year.

We recommend checking out our pages to learn all about your favourite CFL teams and the latest CFL news around the Canadian Football League!

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