National Football League (NFL)

The premier competition – and perhaps the only competition for many – the National Football League (NFL) is the elite league format for professional American Football with millions around the world and in Canada continuing to tune in and see the superstars of the game play on the gridiron each and every week the competition takes place as they look out for the NFL scores.

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What is the NFL and how does it operate?

Known globally as the NFL, the National Football League is a competition that features a number of professional American Football teams that are located throughout the entirety of the United States of America. Unfortunately, there are not any teams situated north of the border, but the following the league has in Canada is significant.

The NFL schedule has recently changed (as of the 2021 season, as teams will now play a 17th game (instead of the traditional 16 games that used to be played). Each team will play in a variety of games over the course of a season, although they will not play everyone in the competition due to the way the NFL schedule is worked out. Matches are typically played between August/September and December/January, with the Super Bowl being played the first weekend of February.

With a total of 32 NFL teams, there are two conferences that have been created; the AFC and the NFC. Each of these will then have four divisions that are composed of four different teams. These divisions are known as the North, the East, the South and the West and are typically made up of geographic location, although there are exceptions to the rule (the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East with the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Football Team for instance).

Each team will then be ranked based on percentage of wins (rather than points) and the top 14 teams will see their NFL schedule continue as they head into a postseason playoff format. These games are single-elimination matches and the winner will progress until the final two remain, who will then compete for the Super Bowl.

NFL Teams

A total of 32 NFL teams are involved in the competition, with many of them being favoured by fans of the NFL in Canada, despite the fact that they are all situated within the United States of America. Indeed, there have been a number of NFL Canadian players to have featured in the league over the years, with many still active today.

As mentioned, each of these NFL teams participate in various groups and divisions, each with the aim of trying to win as many games as they can before playing in the postseason playoffs and obtaining the prestigious Super Bowl title.

With so many different matches taking place throughout the season across Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays (as well as Saturdays on occasion in the postseason), there are a number of NFL scores to keep an eye on when watching NFL on TV in Canada.

Are there any other events?

The NFL preseason is the only other type of game to be added to the NFL schedule, although these games are not always the most interesting or competitive due to the fact that teams are starting to learn about themselves or looking to execute plays within their playbooks.

However, the season does also feature the NFL Draft each year and this will take place in the offseason; traditionally being held in April. This is where teams will be able to select college players looking to enter the sport professionally and look to improve the franchises that are involved.

As with many American sports, the teams to have performed the best will get the last picks of the round, as their opponents are likely to be the teams that need the most help that year.


Watching the NFL on Canadian TV is something that many fans who watch the NFL in Canada will do as the sport is incredibly popular and one that remains amongst the highest for viewership within the country due to the passion that is held.

By checking out the schedule for the latest NFL scores, the sport is one that should be checked out here!

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