National Hockey League (NHL)

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The sport of ice hockey is a pretty big deal within North America and the entire world with the National Hockey League (NHL) having played a huge part in making it an extremely popular competitive event.

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What is the National Hockey League and how does it operate?

The National Hockey League is the world’s biggest, best and most popular ice hockey league as it is considered to be of an elite level and the league that every player will dream of being able to participate in.

It was formed in 1917 and has since gone from strength to strength as more and more teams have started to become involved and compete on a regular basis, making the NHL one of America’s major professional sports leagues.

Huge audiences continue to watch the action when it is played on the ice rink, with a huge number of NHL fixtures being played out across a season as each of them compete for the Stanley Cup. A total of 82 NHL fixtures will be played, with 41 games at home and 41 on the road, with 26 of those matches being against their geographic divisional rivals.

The teams with the most points after the 82 matches will then head to the playoffs where they will be seeding and then will need to compete against each other in a knockout elimination best-of-series format in order to claim the Stanley Cup.

The National Hockey League team who manages to win the Stanley Cup at the end of the season will be considered the NHL champions for that season and will then look to defend it in the following campaign.

Teams That Compete in the NHL

A total of 32 National Hockey League teams compete in the competition each season, with 25 of those NHL teams coming from the United States; the remaining seven are located in Canada.

There are a number of different divisions available, which is how the NHL teams are split up, although they will still compete against teams that are not in those geographical divisions mentioned a little earlier.

Tournaments and Events in the NHL

There is no getting past the fact that the Stanley Cup is the most important, biggest and most prestigious prize in all of ice hockey, which has already been highlighted above in this article.

The trophy is the oldest professional sports trophy in North American professional sports and is one that has managed to establish a reputation all around the world with fans of all sports, even if they are not keen on ice hockey or know very little about the game.

In addition, the NHL draft is perhaps the other major event to take place on the National Hockey League calendar annually, as this will see the best prospects be selected by teams with the picks that they have been awarded on past records.


Make sure to continue to check out this dedicated National Hockey League page for all of the latest on ice hockey’s premier competition. Our experts will continue to look out for the best news, views and betting tips to ensure you have the best resources made available to you at all times!