National Lacrosse League (NLL)

Lacrosse is a highly popular sport in North America and the National Lacrosse League definitely highlights that point as there is plenty of competitive action that Canadian sports bettors at BetStarWager are already making the most of! Visit our lacrosse betting page for all of your lacrosse betting needs.

What is the NLL and how does it operate?

The National Lacrosse League, which is known as the NLL by many around North America, is a men’s professional box lacrosse league that is competed across the entirety of the continent, with teams based in the United States of America and Canada.

To highlight just how popular the sport is, it regularly attracts the third largest crowds for indoor sports competed across the continent, with only NHL and NBA ahead of it.

The NLL is contested each year via a format that sees NLL teams play 18 matches during the regular season (9 at home and 9 away), across three divisions (East, North and West – both East and West have four teams, whereas West has five). The regular season will usually be contested between December and April, before a playoff system that features the top eight teams is contested over the course of May in a knockout competition.

NLL Teams

There is a total of 14 NLL teams that compete in the NLL at the moment, with the vast majority of them located in the United States of America. A total of nine teams are located in various regions within the country, whilst the remaining NLL teams represent various areas of Canada.

An NLL Forum is always the most popular place to learn and talk about your favourite NLL team, whilst it could also be a place to head in order to try and find out which of the teams you should look to support if you do not already have one to follow.

Furthermore, an NLL Forum could also be another great place that works in tandem with this dedicated BetStarWager page in order to find out all the best and latest NLL betting tips possible.

Are there any other events?

There have been a number of additional events to take place across an NLL season, as many of these will fit in tradition with many other competitive sports across America, however some of them no longer appear on the NLL schedule.

For instance, there was an All-Star Game that would take place on an annual basis but this exhibition game was scrapped in 2013.

However, one tradition that has remained is the NLL Draft, which takes place on an annual basis still. The NLL Draft will typically take place in September (although there have been NLL drafts in August) and will see the best players that are eligible to be picked chosen to represent a team by the general manager of each side.


The NLL is incredibly popular around North America, which is why it is hardly a surprise that so many continue to wager on the action each and every year it takes place.

We recommend checking out our resources regularly to ensure you can enjoy the best sports betting experiences possible!

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