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Everything You Need to Know About Tennis Betting 

Have you ever wanted to bet on tennis but didn’t know how to start? This handy guide should give you all the tools to start placing your first wagers on the great game of tennis.  

It is important that you first understand the different types of bets that you can stake on tennis while also taking the time to understand some of the variables that can affect a tennis match. Some of the most popular best in tennis include: 

Tournament Bets (Outright Bets) 

When placing tournament bets, or outright bets as they are also known, are wagers that can be placed on players, playing singles or doubles, to outright win the tournament. These types of bets usually offer good value when placed early enough, odds will shorten the further through the tournament. 

Match Bets 

There are many different bets that come under match bets, some include ‘to win the match’, ‘to win the next set’, ‘total number of sets to be played’ and many more.  

When betting on tennis it is of great importance to do research around players and conditions. 

Other Things to Consider: 

  1. Player Injuries – Just like most other sports when a player sustains and injury it can greatly affect matches and odds in turn will be affected. Before placing a bet make sure to look out for sustained and prolonged injuries and keep an extra keen out for repeat injuries. 
  1. Form & Player History – When looking to place a bet on tennis it is important to look at a player’s form and historical matches between players. If a player is in bad form, they are more likely to have more value offered in the odds by the bookmaker, however when a player is in poor form, they are statistically more likely to lose that next game. What surface suits the player most? These are all things that must be considered. 
  1. Venue & Playing Conditions – Before placing ANY bets on tennis make sure you know which tournament you are betting on and where it is being held. For example, the U.S. Open is played on a hard surface indoors so is unaffected by weather. The Championships in Wimbledon is played on grass outside so is affected by weather, also look out for the condition of the grass, as the tournament goes on the grass courts get more worn down. Another example is the Roland Garros (French Open) this tournament is played on clay, outdoors.  
  1. Serving Hand of Players – As with most sports players are prominently prefer one hand over the other. Some players play with their left, some with their right. This is something to consider, it is always interesting when a right-handed player comes up against a leftie. It is something to keep in mind when placing wagers. 

Here are just a few tennis betting tips for when you are placing your bets. Always check the conditions, player form and what bets are available to you. Check out Bet Star Wager for some of the best bonuses for your first tennis bet.