Live Casino Table Poker

Due to the closure of many brick and mortar casinos during the 2020-21 Coronavirus pandemic, casino players around the world had to look online for that authentic live experience. It does not get much closer to the real thing than with live casino games on top-flight websites, much like the ones we work with. This change in gambling habits has led to more time and money going into making online games closer to the real thing than ever before. 

What is live casino?

Live casino pages on online gambling sites have been around for years, what once was a few games of Poker using a block screen now includes a variety of games with live dealers and rooms to enjoy. The real casino games on site are found in this section with Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, and other popular casino regulars. The first live casino dates back to 1996 however it is unrecognisable against what is available now with 24/7 games with players from across the world available any time of the day.  

Why is live casino so popular?

The Canada live casino industry has seen a sharp rise in popularity, perhaps due to coronavirus restrictions, online play has made up nearly half of casino play worldwide for a number of years. Other reasons for this rise in popularity could be the different work hours that are used in the 21st century and obviously easier access to internet connected devices. A great feature of online casinos is the connectivity form around the world meaning that it takes no time at all for tables to fill up, rather than waiting for people near you to join the room they can from anywhere. 

What games can be played?

The live casino pages of gambling websites contain many different games, along with the classic games sites can include different features such as bingo, board games like Monopoly, play your cards right etc, You will find that fresh games you have not seen before can be found on other sites, however some menus are so large you would likely not need to look for anything else. The regular games you would expect to see include Poker, Roulette etc. with live dealers so you can see the cards drawn or the wheel spun yourself really bringing that casino feel to you. If you are new to casino games maybe check out our guides to Roulette or Blackjack before you play. 

Where can I play?

If you have now got the itch to play some live casino games then look no further than our affiliate casino sites. From our online casino page you can see all of the sites available as well as the great live casino bonuses you can take advantage of to make your first deposit got that little bit further.  


Hopefully you are now ready to go out and start making the most of great online gambling features available. Remember to gamble responsibly, set yourself limits to stay on top of what you are spending and always tip the dealer.